Weltsamen company is a fast-growing and an innovative company in the field of agricultural and food industry. The company aims at developing itself as a strong and trustworthy partner in both Polish and international markets.

We, as a company, would like to build our image upon the high quality of our delivered products, timeliness of delivery, and to put an emphasis on satisfying individual needs and inquiries of our customers. Because we have cooperated with a selected group of internal and external suppliers, we are sure that the quality of our goods always remains at the highest level. Furthermore, by paying great attention to the quality of offered products, we put them repeatedly to the another cleaning processes.

We target at processing undertaking companies and manufacturing enterprises from the field of food industry, warehouses for bakeries and confectionaries, farmers, and all those who find our offer interesting and reliable. The basis of our sales is: blue poppy seeds, broken sunflower seeds, flax seeds, soya beans, sesame, rice, mustard seeds, and buckwheat. The permanent endeavor for improving work processes affects company development as well as the growth of customers satisfactions with the quality of our offered products.

We are looking forward to further cooperation

Management boards and employees.